Tuesday, February 10, 2009

With apologies to my knees...

Yesterday my fellow tart of the trails told me about a workout designed for runners that is currently posted on Yoga Today. If you are not familiar with Yoga Today, it is a site that posts free hour-long classes that change all the time. There are multiple options for whatever yoga kind of person you are, which I find quite lovely.

Anyway, I had not been doing so much yoga lately, and this morning I tackled the "Yoga for Runners" class. Adi, the yoga instructor, spoke at the beginning about how this class was going to stretch out the hips and quads, very important for runners-- especially for their knees. Quad stretches, I thought-- how hard can those be?

Oh. My.

In case you were wondering--the answer to that question? VERY HARD. Apparently my hip flexors and quads are so tight it's a wonder I can walk upright at all. If those muscles have anything to do with knee pain, I'm suprised I don't have constant knee pain. Bless my little knees for all their hard work in such unfortunate circumstances.

Time to work on those quads and hip flexors. Sheesh.


Suz said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I'm planning to do it again tonight. It's like suddenly, after all these years, doing something right for your body.

And for yoga-grouches like me, it has very little of the "let your river of light flow" stuff. Just lots of really amazing stretching.

-The Other Trail Tart

209Mike said...

Hell yeah! I've been wanting to try some yoga lately. Can't wait to destroy myself trying this. Thanks for the info.

Jo Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing the info.

Rick Gaston said...

I think Yoga is the best cross training activity for athletic activities and the hardest. I wish I had time for it, I should but it's soooo hard and painful. What I need is a beginner class with people just like me.

miki said...

Thanks for the tip. I was eyeing my gym's yoga class the other day but don't really like classes. I'm going to check out those vids. Yay!