Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Wow. Here we are almost an entire month into 2010 and I haven't written a THING. I had first put my lack of bloggage on the doctorate work, but considering I have taken a huge stall in that area, perhaps this is not accurate. Then I put it on how I wasn't running many new trails (for example, this is from Diablo, which I have run several times now-- and it wasn't even a new trail!) but then I realized I ran several cool trails over Christmas break in Santa Barbara and then I explored Mission Trails in San Diego over MLK Jr. weekend.

Then I decided to not analyze it anymore and move on and write when I felt like writing... and clearly it came back, the writing itch.

2010? Really?

When I was a wee one, I had a lot of plans about how I thought my life would be in 2000-- 2010 seemed too far away to even contemplate, but here we are. I can guarantee that I had no thought about running ultras, though. My dad ran a marathon when I was young and my mom ran every day, but running ultras would never have crossed anyone's mind. Even in 2000, as a recreational runner, I would never have imagined that running would become as big a part of my life as it has become.

And now? Um, I kind of plan my weekends around running. An ultra friend recently set the date for her wedding, keeping in mind all the different possible ultras when she planned it.... and I totally understood why she did. My salsa dancing has fallen by the wayside. I have way too many people I want to invite for dinner (quite a few who are ultrarunners). I have a big idea about running the East Bay hills and then ending up at my house for a BBQ. All these things I would not have pictured.

And yet, here we are. And it's all good. Lesson in life that I apparently need to learn about 5,000 times: I cannot predict or control my life, so I should stop trying and enjoy the ride.

Part of that enjoying the ride?

A somewhat ridiculous race schedule so far for 2010 that includes a 100k in less than 6 weeks, getting into Miwok 100K for May, doing Ohlone again (my ultra anniversary!) and then a secret plan that I will reveal as the time gets closer....

So yeah. Welcome to 2010!


Samantha said...

i wondered what happened to you! have been absent due to skiing but cold slap of reality from Cool 50k woke me up and i'm back to reclaim my trail running love. um, if i can second that notion - running ebay hills w/bbq at the end sounds awesome! all this bay area trail running talk and yet i realize in my limited world, that generally means north bay. not east or south. help me! look forward to seeing you out somewhere. are you around for Skyline or another upcoming PCTR race? i didn't sign up for Ohlone - it killed me last year. hmmmm....what to do, what to to do? :) Samantha

Sunshine Girl said...