Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Mixed Bag

  • Voter turnout yesterday.
  • Hearing disaffected high school students EXCITED about the election, talking about who could vote/who couldn't.
  • Feeling hopeful about the future. 
  • This sunrise.
  • My foot is feeling much better.
  • Possibly start running this weekend?
Very Uncool:
  • People trying to be hall monitors for the rest of the population. What do you care who gets married to whom?
  • The number of kids in the foster care system who a) do not have a place to go and b) are waiting for adoption. If you are not involved in the foster care system, let me help you out-- we, as a country, let so many children down, and leave them feeling unwanted and alone, it is shameful.
  • Arkansas decided to increase this problem by deciding that they should decrease the pool of adoptive parents (which isn't big enough to begin with) based on who the prospective adopters love. 
That's the end of the rant. I'm really hoping the next posting will be a run! (Perhaps a very, very short run, but hopefully a run all the same...)


Jo Lynn said...

Christy & I (along with Boomer) are heading out to Garin for a little run on Saturday morning if you feel like driving down to Hayward. It's very doggie friendly too. ;)

Victoria said...

I'll be in Davis for school all day Saturday, but soon, very soon!!

Derek said...

Yes it seems that we made some progress on Tuesday, but we still have a long way to go toward tolerance, love and respect for others!!

Rick Gaston said...

It was a bittersweet Wednesday morning. I wished too that Prop 8 didn't pass but it's only a matter of time.

Kevin said...

I can't wait until you start running again....just think, you'll be so fresh that you'll be flying without trying. ( sorry for the geeky post)