Thursday, March 12, 2009

Well, if you really want to know...

All about me!!

So the fabulous Jo Lynn, a.k.a La Singletrack Junkie, offered to send five questions to anyone who wanted to be interviewed. Seeing as I'm always down to talk about myself to interested parties, I immediately signed right up. Here's a bit about yours truly:

1. What race are you most proud of and why?

Ah, a tricky question. I think that the race I'm the most proud of is the first Ohlone 50K I did in 2007. I had been a foster parent for the year before, and it was a rather rough year (amazing and growth-filled and fabulous, but also really, really hard). When she moved out in early February of 2007, I went into a "must do something for ME" phase and I signed up for the Ohlone 50K, not having any idea what I was in for. I went into it thinking, "Let's just have a good time," and I remember hitting the aid station at 26 miles and feeling surprised there were only 5 miles left, because I was having such a good time. I was proud of that race because I ran pretty well (faster than Ohlone 2008, with the crazy heat spell!) and because I wasn't sure I could do it-- and I did just fine. That was pretty much the start of the ultra ideas.

2. What is your pre-race/ long run routine?

Um, it's pretty scientific. First, I don't drink too many adult libations the night before. Notice I said not "too many." If Deena Kastor does not abstain the night before races, I see no reason for me to, either. That morning? Multi-grain oats for breakfast, hair in braids and then assembling a variety of Lara bars and Clif shot bloks for sustenance during my run. I usually give myself plenty of time to get to the race start, because I hate feeling rushed, but that's about it for the routine. I try not to get too obsessive-- I have a tendency for obsession and neurosis in my life overall, and having it creep into my running (which is supposed to be FUN) is something I'm trying to avoid.

3. What is your favorite post race/long run meal?

Mmmmmm...... food. I love eating. Let's see. My current immediate discovery is chicken noodle soup, but that's for the immediate, 15 minutes-after-finishing kind of meal. My favorite BIG meals? One delight is a tunafish melt. Protein and warmth. Yum. Another is the tried and true hamburger-- another combo of protein and warmth. I could go for a burrito without too much problem as well-- preferably Cancun's Nopales en Asada burrito, but I'd take a regular Carne Asada as well. Really, I'm not a picky eater and as long as it was more substantial than a salad, I'm willing to partake.

4. When did you start running? What made you stick with it?

I've always exercised. I started swimming on a team when I was 5 1/2, and I swam a LOT until I was 16. At that point, I had a falling-out with the coach of my club team and decided I would quit swimming for the club and run to stay in shape until the start of high school season. I joined my school's high school cross-country team and found out that, thanks to my swimming background, I was a pretty strong distance runner, and the x-c team appreciated having me there. My high school swim team was extremely strong. We were league champions my sophomore year, and the talent ran deep. While I didn't hurt the team, my presence wasn't as needed as it was on my high school track team, who desperately needed someone who would be a 2 miler. It was nice to be needed, so I switched to track instead of swimming my senior year. Then, when I went off to college, I ended up running on my own to stay in shape, and to stay sane. It has honestly never occurred to me to NOT run or do something to stay in shape. My parents (particularly my mom, as I have written about before) set an amazing example and I think that since it was just part of what people did in my family, I have never thought of exercise/running as something I had to "stick with"-- it's just something that I plan into my day without really thinking too much about it.

5. Were you always a trail runner? If not, what made you switch to trails from roads?

No, I was not always a trail runner. I have been an inveterate hiker since the tender age of oh, say, 2 years old, but I never thought about running any of the trails I hiked. When I moved to the 'hood in 2004, I needed a place to go running, and I was not about to run through my neighborhood on my own. Plus, my brother's dog needed to be exercised, so I started running in Wildcat Canyon because I could let him run off-leash. Around this time, I met my friend Jen, who is an incredible athlete and adventure racer, and she introduced me to another friend who ran with Tamalpa on Wednesday night trail runs during Daylight Savings. After about 2 trail runs, I was pretty hooked. Trails + running? These were two of my favorite things EVER-- why hadn't I combined them before? I never looked back after this, and with the discovery of PCTR, who needs to? Plus, there's no reason to wear fashionable gaiters in road runs, and we all know it's important to look fashionable on the trail...

Ok. Now here's the deal:

If you would like to play along and be interviewed by me:
1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by giving you five questions (I get to pick the questions.)
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

You should play-- it will be exciting for all involved!!

Thanks to Jo Lynn for the questions!


Jo Lynn said...

Awesome answers Victoria! Thank YOU for playing along. You are quite the athlete, I must say. Your history definitely explains why you are so strong on those hills. ;)

Anonymous said...

Interview me.

Rick Gaston said...

Ah yes Ohlone 08. I was at Backpacker AS and you guys suffered out there. We had no ice to give. Anything with Beef is my favorite post race meal and if I'm not too tired, Beer. Funny how those two words differ only by one letter. Well trail runner I just perused the 50k entrants on the PCTR website for Pirates Cove and I saw your name. Did you tell me you were running Pirates Cove? I forgot. Anything it should be another fun day.