Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Getting Started

A blog! A blog! Well, I'm not feeling very original, seeing as how my best friend, a coworker and my aunt all started blogs in the last two months as well... but mine is all about trail running! Trail running! Yay! In the Bay Area, no less.

After running a glorious 3 hour run on Sunday and realizing that there were no blogs that covered all the trail running options in the Bay Area, I decided that I would take on this challenge. With the help of the fabulous Jen, we're going to create a comprehensive website, but this will be the starting place for content... and a few more of my musings, like where the best place is to eat after you run, or places that are more dog friendly than others... (yay Neko!)

As of right now, there are a couple of great websites on trails in the Bay Area-- Bay Area Hiker and Marin Trail Runs are great, but Bay Area Hiker does not have enough over 10-mile trails over 10 miles (in my opinion) and Marin trails is just that--Marin.  

Thanks to Ian for his very funny title... and get your minds out of the gutter, people-- you will see no compromising pictures of me or anyone else-- but you might see some grimy runners. 

So yeah-- here it goes... and pleeeeease-- send me ideas of great runs. Tomorrow I'll start out by posting the run I did on Sunday, but I'm open for trail runs in the Bay Area that you, gentle reader, recommend because they are unique, challenging, gorgeous, have a great food/drink option at the end or some other fascinating portion of Bay Area history.

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