Tuesday, April 22, 2008

La vida es un carnaval...

Ended up running on the treadmill in San Jose today. I hate the treadmill. I hate the gym. It's rather confining, and people don't seem to know what to do with someone who is actually sweating. Someone needs to let certain members at my gym know that 5 minutes of the treadmill won't technically do much for their level of fitness. (10 points to the older gentleman who comes with his sweats pulled up so high he might as well have been in "Revenge of the Nerds" and then tucked into his long ankle socks. You, sir, rock the Casbah.) 

But I DID have a Celia Cruz moment and almost started dancing in the gym. I have been known (by Neko and some cows) to have a salsa moment on the trail when this song comes on. Despite having to take Neko to the emergency room yesterday (she's fine now), this is how I'm feeling:

Todo aquel piense 
que la vida es desigual,
tiene que saber que no es así,
que la vida es un hermosura, hay que vivirla.
Todo aquel que piense que la vida siempre es cruel,
tiene que saber que no es así,
que tan solo hay momentos malos, y todo pasa.
Todo aquel piense que esto nunca va a cambiar,
tiene que saber que no es así,
que al mal tiempo buena cara y todo pasa....

One of the greatest compliments I ever got from a student was when he said this song reminded him of me. There's more to the song and if you don't know it, get thee to iTunes! I do realize there aren't a whole lot of salsa dancing trail runners out there... but you never know!

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Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work on your pots! You're so thorough! And, I love that I can totally hear you throughout: "You, sir, rock the casbah", etc.