Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jenner Headlands- more trails coming soon!

Last Thursday, the San Francisco Chronicle published an article about the Jenner Headlands-- a large (5,630 acres) piece of land bought by the Sonoma Land Trust, various other nonprofit groups and government agencies. This section of the California Coast is truly stunning-- just up from Bodega Bay and Sonoma Coast State Park on Highway 1. You can find a map of the area here.

Apparently tours of the land will begin in March or April, but it probably won't be a trailrunner's paradise for at least a year or so afterwards. They are currently trying to raise more money so that they can afford to manage the land, but I'm pretty excited. This is a beautiful section of California and not one that generally receives a lot of attention.

This is a (foggy, not great) picture taken from the beach where the Russian River meets the Ocean-- the land you can see in this picture is probably part of the Jenner Headlands. At least, that is my highly scientific deduction. You can see more pics of the Jenner Headlands here. (There's a very adorable picture of a spotted owl that I highly recommend.)

I realize we don't have a shortage of beautiful trails out here in California, but it's nice to know we have even more to look forward to!

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Jo Lynn said...

Oooooooh, nice photos there. I love the one with the owls. So cute!