Monday, December 22, 2008

Race Calendar 2009!

Ok. So I *should* be buying or wrapping gifts, but I'm so much more excited about planning out my racing year, that I decided to spend some time figuring out what I want to run next year. Provided I don't break anything or injure myself, here's the tentative plot:

February 7th: PCTR Woodside 35K

March 21st: PCTR Pirates' Cove 30 or 50K

April 4th: American River 50 miler

April 26th: PCTR Skyline to the Sea 50K

May 31st: Ohlone 50K

July 18th: Tahoe 50K or 50M
July 25th: White River 50M

October 10th: Dick Collins Firetrails 50M

I would like to do Santa Barbara 9 Trails or, if I don't get in, the Quad Dipsea, but I might be going to Mexico for a wedding Thanksgiving weekend, so I won't put that on the schedule just yet.

Yeah. Putting this down in print makes it seem a little bigger than it was in my head. I know that committing to it will provide motivation to get out there and do the long weekend runs... which reminds me-- anyone want to do some long runs on the weekends?


Derek said...

That is a very nice race schedule. I usually wait till the last minute to actually register for a race.

Victoria said...

For me, that would give me an excuse to flake out. If I register and PAY for it, then I get my behind out there and figure out a way to train. Otherwise I am prone to "Well, I'll just wait for the next weekend/race" syndrome and I don't do anything.