Monday, December 29, 2008

¡Viva España!

I promise a much longer entry covering the much-heralded Spanish Trail Running Extravaganza when I get back, but let me just say that it was muy, muy fabuloso. Muchas gracías a Luis, quien me ha invitado de correr con el y sus amigos. It was a wonderful day, and it has given me ideas for yet another new project (because I needed more to do with my life)!

Here are some pics from the day, taken by one of the other runners in the group.


Anonymous said...

Whacka!!! I will tell Claudio his pictures are all spread your desk facing that window to East Bay. He'll be amazed!

It was a pleasure. You showed a good control over your running despite a last couple of kamikaze road miles, a good control over alfajores and xmas pastries and good grip on beer.

Nevertheless, you went running and stopping like a turista!!!

Have a nice New Year at Granada :).

SPJ, The guy in orange.

Kevin said...

great pics! what a trail.

Anne Carlson said...

Looks cold. Glad you got there safely and are having a grand time. I'm seeing your parents this afternoon.
The Favorite Aunt

Derek said...

Great pictures, whoever took them did a great job running around and staying in front of the group!! Looks like a fun time.

Jo Lynn said...

I can't believe you're running in freakin' Spain! That is awesome! You look very strong.

Rick Gaston said...

So cool! Running trails in another country. Man, I soo want to do that too. Nice trip. Happy New Year!

kelly said...

I'm so jealous. Your pics are great, and it sounds like you had a blast! Happy New Year!