Monday, September 22, 2008

Am I that predictable?

So in the doctor's office today, they gave me a choice of colors for my cast. I looked at all of them and decided that shocking neon pink would be the way to go, because really, who is going to match their cast with their outfit? Plus, if you're going to have some huge unwieldy thing on your leg, you might as well make a statement with it, right?

(I actually have a shirt that is super-pink, but I was informed by a friend today that I am forbidden to match my cast to my outfit.)

The cast is way bigger than I hoped it would be, but the doctor said I only have to have it on for four weeks, and then I get some other, more mobile cast. 

What made me laugh out loud though, was JoLynn's comment on yesterday's post-- she guessed the color!!

Ah well-- I am learning that even if I can't run around, I have great people in my life who are willing to drive me around, cook me dinner, even clean my kitchen. My former foster daughter came over yesterday with her cousin and swept up, took out the trash, took the dog for a walk and generally ministered to me for the afternoon. Who said teenagers were selfish? (Ok, so I probably have said it-- but they can also be selfless and full of love.)

I will probably post a couple of still-in-the-files trails I have yet to write up, but I have really appreciated all the well-wishes from people here as well. Even though I would rather have remained ignorant at how caring people can be (and still able to run!), it has made an impression on me. Thanks.


Anne Carlson said...

Oh, my, dear favorite niece! Someplace here i have a mountain bike that matches your cast. I'm so sorry about your unfortunate event. It is sweet of you not to want me to be the only infirm member of the family, but that was really over-doing it. Hope you aren't in too much pain and/or have good drugs. I hope the healing is swift.

Anonymous said...

I think that colour is absolutely fantastic. Why to remove the cast?
Keep it for life!!!

209Mike said...

Could you even possibly imagine this would happen? You now have a great story and an extremely pink cast. Good Lord. Send an email to the RD for Firetrails to see if you can xfer. I'll buy your entry off you if they say its ok. I'm sure they can use volunteers.

Rick Gaston said...

Nice. I like the choice of color, now let's slap some beer and speedy logos on that thing! Well shucks what's left to say. It'll be great to have you at Firetrails regardless, volunteer or in the after race bbq. Well at least it happened at the end of the year and not the beginning.

Jo Lynn said...

Ha! I guessed the color! That's pretty stinkin' funny. See if your former foster daughter wouldn't mind giving you a pedi and polishing your toes to match. Hmmmmm? How does that sound? Is that a walking cast or do you have crutches?

Donald said...

I guess if you have to have a cast, it may as well be a pretty one.

Best wishes for a quick recovery.

my blog said...

i dont think so you are unpredictable