Saturday, September 27, 2008


Before the start of Saturday's race, Ms. Dirt Diva asked me if I had "done a 100 yet"-- as if it was only a matter of time. And while this race is my ultimate running fantasy (especially with those pictures!), I cannot lie-- I felt so relaxed and was having such a good time before I fell that I was getting excited about Firetrails. Then tonight, I have been trying to follow the Rio del Lago 100 webcast, trying to figure out where La Diva and Ms. Becky are... and even though I can SEE my leg start to lose muscle with each passing day, I started to get excited about it... Maybe I *will* set my sights on a 100 in the next year or two. 

Maybe I should start researching 50 milers to do in the spring.

Maybe I should consider doing RDL next year.

Maybe I should wait until I'm off crutches to plan my running escapades.

Or not.


my blog said...

well i did my 100


209Mike said...

I think we have the same goals for next year. Btw, I won't be able to do Firetrails after all due to a wedding that I forgot about. Now thinking about Helen Klein instead.

Rick Gaston said...

You should do all of that; research, consider doing RDL and wait until you are off crutches to implelment the plan. Now that you have some time off from running wouldn't this be the best time to keep yourself motivated and do some planning? What I know: Quicksilver 50-miler is great, Mt. Diablo is quite hilly and heinous x3 if hot . AR50 is great if it doesn't rain, if it rains before or during the race expect shoe sucking mud, trails filled with water and lots of poison oak.

Victoria said...

RIck-- you are SO right. Thinking about doing something else is definitely keeping me motivated.

MIke-- ok, I'm in!!

kelly said...

I think the important thing is to continue to read about races and to keep motivated. Work your upper body and core and then you will be ahead of the game when you are ready to begin running again. I don't imagine you are the type to lay low for too long. Soon my friend, you will be running. Oh, and nice pie. Looks delicious!