Friday, October 24, 2008

And away we go!

I wouldn't call this the most impressive shot I've ever taken-- but it's an important shot. Can you possibly guess why? Well, I shall enlighten you. This picture was taken yesterday morning at Wildcat when I got up to take Neko out for a short walk.

Yup, that means *I* drove the car!

AND we walked a little!

I went in on Wednesday morning, not sure what I would end up with. The doctor I had seen in September mentioned something about a walking cast or some kind of boot, so I thought I would probably not be done with the medical accoutrements-- and possibly not done with needing chauffeur service.

However, on Wednesday, the doctor checked my foot, prodded it to see if there was pain and then pronounced me ready to go. He said that I can't do high-impact sports for another couple of weeks (so still no trails), but that biking, swimming and even the elliptical trainer at the gym were all perfectly acceptable, AND that driving was fine. I don't even need any special shoe-- I can wear running shoes with my orthotics and that's enough support for my foot at this point.

Obviously, this made me very, very happy. 

It made Neko happy too.... I think we're friends again...


209Mike said...

Very cool! Looking forward to stepping on your new foot tomorrow (accidentally of course). Kiddin'. Btw, you are killing me on your movie quotes - great call on the "10% chance..."

Derek said...

Yeah with the wearing of running shoes. I bet they feel so good after not wearing them for some time now!! You'll probably be up and running before I do, so take it nice and easy!

Rick Gaston said...

Awesome news, now let's make sure to give you a wide berth come tomorrow. No need for us bumping into you inadvertently as we volunteer.

Donald said...

Great news! Keep plugging along.

Luciano said...

It is indeed good news :-)