Saturday, October 18, 2008

Back to me (sort of)!

Well, I never thought I'd say this, but I fell in love with a stationary bike yesterday. 

Let me back up a bit. This whole week, I have been Ms. Cranky Pants Extraordinaire. I am DONE with this lack-of-exercise feeling. I'd taken a nice, long trip down "Feeling Sorry For Myself" lane-- to the point where I was getting annoyed with myself, but couldn't pull myself out of the slump. 

One of my chief annoyances was my lack of hunger. As those who are close to me know, eating is one of my most favorite, favorite things to do. While I run for a ton of different reasons, one of the big reasons is how much better food tastes when I am actually hungry. Well, since I've burned a grand total of 15 calories per day since September 20th, I haven't been hungry practically at all. This alone would be enough to put me into a funk. Add to that, we were supposed to go out to a nice restaurant to celebrate the birthday of one of my good friends in my doctoral program on Friday night. A great restaurant, with a good wine list and an exciting menu, and me not hungry? What a tragedy!

Fortunately, we were staying at a hotel in Sacramento and I remembered that the hotel had a gym-- how much could I do in the gym? 

Well, my friends, Friday afternoon I got back from class and got on the exercise bike... and I actually SWEATED!!! I BURNED CALORIES!!! MS. CRANKY PANTS LEFT!!!

Then we went out to a lovely dinner at the Firehouse, and I enjoyed every bit of my dinner!

I got up this morning and worked out AGAIN... and right now, even after having a reasonably-sized lunch, I'm hungry again! 

(I realize there is an over-abundance of exclamation points in this posting. I sound like one of my former middle-school students. Humor me.)

I came home and mapped out the bus route to the 24 hour fitness nearest my house-- I think I'm going to go tomorrow morning as well-- 3 days of exercise in a row! 

I can't believe what a difference it makes though. I feel like some of me at least is back. And it feels really good.


Kevin said...

I'm so glad you are starting to feel like the old Victoria again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And, fyi, I am celebrating your feeling like you (and my 5k) with a Rodney Strong Cabernet...Sitting on my patio...Its about 65 degrees outside.....

Jo Lynn said...

If I don't do some type of exercise on a daily basis, I too become extremely cranky (bitchy, ornery, pissy). I'm so happy you have found something that makes you sweat and feel alive again. Great for you.

Rick Gaston said...

When you're used to working out it's always such a shock when you can't. Me too, I love to eat. I get hungry with or without exercise. Sometimes I wish I wasn't always so hungry though. Way to find a new outlet for your energies.