Wednesday, October 8, 2008

You must be kidding me.

So this morning, I'm working from home, and wandering around in a bare left foot and my cast (um, duh) and its little cast-sandal (attractive-- almost as sexy as a pair of Manolo Blahniks!) that is supposed to stop me from sliding all around. And my dog is, of course, as close to me as is caninely possible. She has way too much energy right now (no running lately!) and so wants to be RIGHT NEXT TO ME at all times. (Aussie/Border Collies have been called "velcro" dogs before-- and let me tell you, they weren't kidding.) Well, she lay down on the floor right between me and wherever I was trying to get to, I stepped with my cast-sandal on her tail, slipped and in trying to catch myself from falling, manage to rip open the big toe of my left (hitherto unhurt) foot!

Aargh! Why must this happen?

Now I'm bleeding all over the floor and my poor intern teacher is running around trying to get me a washcloth so that I can staunch the flow of blood... and now the OTHER FOOT has problems too!!

It's not so bad, really-- it will heal and if it weren't for the broken quality of the other foot, I wouldn't care so much... but it IS feeling a little ridiculous.

My dog, of course, tried to lick the wet washcloth on my toe.

Anyone want to run an Aussie for a good 15 miles or so?


Jo Lynn said...

I DO! I DO! It has to be next week though, I'm doing a marathon Saturday. But seriously, I DO!

209Mike said...

My dog would kill me.

Victoria said...

Well Jo Lynn, you are welcome to come run the Neko dog whenever you want-- email me (see to the side) and we can figure something out. Good luck this weekend! I'll see you at the start!

Rick Gaston said...

So lookout for the girl with the pink cast and band aid on the other good foot. Got it! That's so crazy.

Anne Carlson said...

Oh, Victoria, I'm so sorry. At least you don't have matching casts. There is always a bright spot to these things. Hope all is better now. I hesitate to say "well," but you know what I mean.

Jo Lynn said...

Hmmmmmm, "see to the side". What the heck could that mean? See to the side. See to the side.
Nope, don't have a clue what that means.

Victoria said...

I think on the side it says "email follow-up comments to..." and then my email address. That's what I meant. If it doesn't, tell me and I'll add my email address. Plus, I'll see you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the accident, but hope you don't mind me laughing out loud while reading about it. At least there were no bees involved this time.

Hmm..."flirty and hurty"?