Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Skyline to the Sea... in video!

No, this isn't a video of me falling-- thankfully no one was around to see that-- but a bit of the trail captured on video by the Bay Area's Two-Heel Drive blogger. (This is one of the most thorough trail sites for the South Bay/Peninsula I have discovered-- tons of trail info here!) He did this video a couple of days before the fateful fall, but I think it captures why I had such a good day, despite the breakage and bees. 

Picked up Running Within on the recommendation of The Skirt-- she has other aliases as well-- and have been reading it. Good motivation when one cannot run. I'm sure I will have some observations to share soon...

Hope everyone else is getting some good miles done out on the trail!


Rick Gaston said...

Nice vid. Such a great place to run except for the stinging insects.

209Mike said...

Makes me want to run there again.