Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Finally home... getting ready for a race!

After two days of training for work in Orange County (with an unexpected run this morning that went through a nature preserve), I'm back in town and getting ready to run the Pacific Coast Trail Runs 20K this weekend. I was signed up for the 30K but due to previously cited knee issues decided to downgrade. It's a race on trails I've run before, which will be nice. It will also be nice to do a race-- the last one was the mid-race beer run--nice, but not an experience I'm likely to repeat this weekend. (Beer at 9:00 a.m. doesn't sound good even to me...) 


Derek said...

Good luck in your 20k, I hope the knee stay nice and happy during your race. Any suggestions for a guy getting ready to do his first 50k?

Derek said...

Thanks for the good wishes. Starting out easy is not my strong point, but I will do my best. Again goodluck in your tomorrow, and look forward to hearing how it goes.