Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hood to Coast Surprise!

One of my friends emailed me this morning to say that they had a runner drop out of their Hood to Coast relay team, and would I be interested in running? August promises to be insane, but the chance to travel in a van with a bunch of sweaty people, get no sleep and end up needing to use rather full portapotties by the end of the race? Sign me up! This means I won't be doing the Headlands 50K, but I'm not sure my knee would be totally built up for a hilly 50K by then. 

I highly recommend doing long relay races--even if they are on a lot of pavement. I did The Relay two years in a row, and would have done it this year, but it was on a weekend I had school. Running over the Golden Gate bridge alone at 2:00 in the morning was one of my "lifetime memorable" experiences. 

Oregon, prepare thyself! 

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