Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Getting down to the core of it all...

So I have decided that the PT I saw might actually know what she's doing. I have been really good about doing the exercises she gave me, and I can feel the core strengthening ones actually shifting my gait a little, especially when I am tired near the end of runs. 

Overwhelmed by my own enthusiasm, I decided that perhaps I should start the 100 pushup challenge, because hey--more core strengthening can't hurt, right? 

Um, wow. Just wow. I had no idea my arm strength was so pitiful. While I've never been Ms. Pull-up, and I don't think I'll ever look like Kami Semick, I have been able (in the not so distant past) to do a fair number of pushups. Even a couple of years ago, when I was doing more yoga on a regular basis, I "dropped" and did 15 for some squirrelly jr. high boys who didn't think I could. 

Note to self: next time you're out, pick up some arm strength.


209Mike said...

Wow, that Kami lady looks ridiculous (in a good way). I'm right there with you on the abs. Must do more! I officially signed up for Skyline to the Sea today. That currently makes me the least qualified to run that course right now. Need to train!

SJ Goody said...

HAH!! Grab a six pack while you're out! :)

Thanks so much for the great tips and motivation. I am confident I'll get through it and I'll stay on the wagon... I just feel so sluggish. GAH!!