Monday, July 14, 2008

Let's play: Guess The Season!

Tennessee Valley-Green Gulch
(Tennessee Valley- Miwok- ???- Coyote- Green Gulch- (wandering)- Green-Gulch- Coastal)
(11.44 miles)

So I think I've already established that I'm a California girlie. Specifically a Bay Area girlie. For about 4,000 reasons, I'm in love with my Bay Area--especially the trails. But like any love affair, sometimes we have our off days. You know, the days when you think every trail is warmer, wittier, more fun to run on? And it's worse when you just spent time on the most sparkling, warm, ideal, complete-with-swimming-options trail... it makes your Bay Area trails seem a little weak by comparison.

...Especially when it's FREEZING COLD IN THE MIDDLE OF JULY!!!

Notice on the last post, I said I was off for "one more run in the sun." Clearly, I had the California coast confused with any number of places. There were perhaps 2 moments in my 11 mile run today in which the sun appeared. Most of the time it was a) completely foggy b) gale-force windy and c) just freakin' cold. Add to that a moment of missing the trail I wanted to take (Coyote) and getting a bit lost on the ridge paralleling the Miwok trail, then wandering around the Green Gulch Zen Meditation Center, trying to find Coastal trail, and it was the kind of run that made you think perhaps you should start seeing other trails.

However, there were still a couple of moments that reminded me why the Bay Area and I are in this for the long haul. First, the Green Gulch Zen Meditation Center has a beautiful vegetable garden, and I love that the trails actually lead through the garden. (Note: the trail that leads through is the "Middle Green Gulch" trail-- not the "Green Gulch" trail. That trail will put you at the edge of the center, but then you are left to wander the grounds, hoping you aren't disturbing anyone's contemplative moment. Not that I know anyone w ho has done that recently, of course...)

Second, Coastal trail from Muir Beach to Tennessee Valley is 1.7 miles of stunning beauty--even in fog and cold. I have run this trail several times on PCTR runs (most specifically Pirate's Cove and Muir Beach) but never with my camera. This trail has signature Marin Headlands hills, and views of the Pacific Ocean that will keep me coming back for more Bay Area trails.

Dogs? ¿Quien sabe? Well, you can take your leashed dog on Coastal Trail or Miwok Trail, but apparently nothing else. Who knows what you are supposed to do with your dog on Coyote trail, for example.

...AND my knee was a happy camper the entire run and even feels great now. Skyline to the Sea, Dick Collins and 9 Trails, here I come!

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Anne Carlson said...

My dear niece, some of us live here because it is freezing cold in the middle of July--as God intended. It was beastly hot last week so we've earned the freeze.