Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Me n' the O.G...

That would be ye Olde Garmin. Not the original, as I have the 305 version. Alex and I went swimming today and then ran on the track. Because I am kind of inept when it comes to programming my Garmin, I managed to set it up for 4 mile repeats with 3:00 rest in between. This isn't what I would have chosen, but once the Garmin was programmed, I was locked in.

I've never run mile repeats before. I think they're probably a better idea than running 400 or 800s, because let's be honest-- when am I really going to be working on running a fast 2 mile race? Or a 5K even? I'd much rather run a loooooong way in a race, and mile repeats are at least closer to that idea.

So I was locked into my  mile repeats, and locked out of figuring out how fast I went on each mile, thanks to my Garmin-lameness, so I just kind of ran a pace I thought was moving well but not barf-inducing. (Always a good goal.) 

After a lovely carne asada burrito, I came home and looked at my mile splits after downloading them.

Mile 1 7:21
Mile 2 7:10
Mile 3 7:10
Mile 4 7:05

Hmmmm. Not sure what to think about that. Does this mean I can run faster than I think I can? Does this mean I was running too fast and need to learn how to run a slower pace for a longer distance? What would happen if I could figure out how to program my Garmin for 6-10 mile repeats? How long could I hold this pace? So many questions.

On a different note, one funny thing from yesterday? This sign:

This was next to a big pile of wood chips. Apparently there is a surfeit of wood chips at the San Pablo Reservoir Recreation Area.

The desperation of this sign made me giggle though... who is Davey? And why does he seem hell-bent on dumping huge amounts of wood chips at the reservoir? Does he sneak around, dumping wood chips whither or no they are needed? 


P.O.M. said...

Hmmm, so many unanswered questions here. ha ha.

Derek said...

Looks like you have an extra gear if you need it. Those are some fast miles splits!! Wood Chips... very intersting!!!

Jo Lynn said...

Davey bad! That's funny.
~Jo Lynn