Monday, July 14, 2008

Rattlesnake Mountain

Rattlesnake Ledge
(Rattlesnake Mountain Trail via Rattlesnake Lake)
(4.0 miles?)

So I did not actually run this trail, but I'm including it because it was a gorgeous trail, very runnable, and had a lot more trail to add on, should one want a longer run.

I would imagine that anyone from Seattle who hikes and/or runs on trails would be familiar with this trail. It seemed as if a large portion of Seattle's population was on this trail, which might make running difficult, but if you are like me, and do not know Seattle, but happen to be there for some reason-- I absolutely think this is a great trail to run.

The trail started at Rattlesnake Lake, spent the next two miles climbing through green trees, leaves and all kinds of foliage, finally ending at Rattlesnake Ledge, where you get views like this. Again, the number of other hikers rule out this spot for romantic trysts, but summer views? Gorgeous!

As I said before, there are many options for lengthening one's run. Apparently there is a trail that you can run to (9 miles point-to-point) that leads to a winery. My kind of run!

The best thing about this trail, though? After our lovely hike, we came back to the lake, changed into swimsuits and went swimming! How many trails can boast both challenging terrain and swimming opportunities afterwards?!

This is also a dog-friendly trail. All the dogs we saw were on leashes on the trail, but there were tons of dogs swimming free in the lake.

Well, that's it for the Pacific Northwest Tour 2008. I'm off for one more run in the sun before my vacation ends and I'm back on a plane again tomorrow for work.

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Derek said...

Wow those are some great views to run with. I would give anything to have a view while I run here in Texas. Well, at least it is flat around here!:)