Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dick Collins Firetrails in October?

Hmmm.... I did not realize this race was in the East Bay, on trails I am familiar with. I am seriously considering it.

1) It's a 50M, which would help get me running enough for 9 Trails, the race I must recoup my losses upon.
2) It's local! 
3) It just doesn't look as hard as Ohlone (well, apart from being 20 miles longer). True, the elevation gain is larger, but there are no insanely long uphills... plus, I know most of the trails and can get to know the rest by October.
4) It seems like a good rookie 50M, unlike Diablo, which looks like, um, from whence cometh el Diablo.
5) Because it's local I could probably get someone I know to pace me and/or come be excited at the finish.

1) It's 50M.
2) I'm going to have to really think about core strength, particularly for my knees. Actually, I'll need to do more than just think about it.
3) That's a lot of loooong weekend runs. 

My brother's response last night when I asked him what he thought? "I think you're f**kin' crazy!" 

Decisions, decisions...

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