Friday, May 23, 2008

Miraculous Week...

"The world is full of wonder, and miracles, but man takes his little hand and covers his eyes and sees nothing." (Israel Baal Shem)

Well, the weather this weekend is not looking miraculous, but I have been thinking about the week and in the interest of not falling into the trap above (one of my favorite quotes), I've been thinking about several miraculous things that happened this week.

1) Ohlone. Not that this is any more miraculous than any other race, but the more I think about it, especially in relation to what I wrote about last, and the commitment to a goal that long-distance running requires, the more I am amazed at human beings and the power that people have when they truly invest themselves in something. I have really appreciated writing about something that I have done for so many years--it has made me evaluate how running has shaped me as a person and how much I have learned about what I (and many others) are capable of with commitment and dedication. 

2) Along those same lines, I closed out with the teachers I have been working with this year, and it got me thinking about the caliber of people I am fortunate enough to work with. I have worked with people this year who have amazing stories, who have struggled, and who have stepped into teaching with their full hearts. (Lest one think that I am Pollyanna-ish about education, and the people I have worked with throughout the years-- I'm most definitely not. People who know me well have been privy to many comments that are not fit for public display about other experiences in education I've had-- I will leave it at that.) I used to come away from the classroom feeling blessed and overwhelmingly grateful to have the chance to know so many amazing people (my students)--I absolutely feel that way about the teachers I have worked with this year.

3) I get to work with an organization that recognizes people are both flawed and beautiful (indeed, perhaps that our flaws are what make us beautiful). What a freakin' miracle THAT is...

4) Finally, I got to hear from some of the teachers I work with how this year (and me) has affected them. While accolades and appreciation are always nice, it struck me because some of the stuff people brought up as having an impact, I had no idea about. It reminded me of Ohlone again, and what can happen when we continuously apply ourselves to doing better, even when it seems to do nothing. 

The hour of cheese is over. You may now go back to your regularly scheduled program.

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