Monday, May 19, 2008

Ohlone Post-Post Mortem

Well, the results of Ohlone came out today, and I felt much better about things-- everyone was so much slower because of the heat, I actually placed better than I did last year! 

Here's me at the end of the race-- courtesy of Louis' photography. You can see that I'm a little out of it.... and a very funny picture of me getting attacked by my running buddies-- notice the tongue on Teco the Licker...

Lastly, me with some other fool-crazy runners. L-R, Mike (first 50K, won Rookie of the Year award), me, Catra (she actually ran the course THREE times in a row, completing 100 miles instead of the measly 50K), Glorybelle/Lillie (winner of the other Rookie of the Year award) and Danny. 

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