Wednesday, June 4, 2008


This post has nothing to do with running. Nothing at all. It has to do with APRICOTS. Apricots from MY tree that are starting to get ripe!

I think someone forgot to tell the apricots they're not supposed to get ripe until July, but the tree seems unconcerned with others' opinions, and I can say with surety (after eating two), that they are becoming ready to eat.

Now, if you have only eaten apricots from the grocery store, I might understand it if you read this post with less than rampant enthusiasm. I grew up with apricots off my parents' tree, and I can assure you that well-ripened apricots are a major cause for celebration. 

Yum. Very much yum.


Anne Carlson said...

OK--I'm salivating. Looks a lot better than my warmed over chicken. I'm just telling myself--protein, protein, protein. The apricot looks way better.

209Mike said...


Jo Lynn said...

I stumbled across your blog through a friend of a friend's blog. You are so lucky to run on many different trails. I seem to stick to the same three parks in the east bay. I need someone like you to show me around!
My apricot tree is just sprouting some little green guys. It will be a while until I get to enjoy the scrumptious home grown apricots. I can hardly wait!

Victoria said...

Jo Lynn-- There are so many cool places to run in the Bay Area-- every time I go out for a run I'm astonished at the variety of options we have to choose from.

Mike, Auntie Anne? Um yeah-- apricots= THE BEST!!