Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cross... um... Training Weekend

Well, I did ride a bike this weekend. And there were a couple of hills. I'm thinking maybe we could call it a cross-training weekend? So what if the rest of the weekend was an eating and drinking extravaganza in which most of the training had to do with identifying the subtler flavors of different varietals? And aren't hot tubs good for muscles?

Worth noting, however: along the Sonoma Coast, Annapolis Winery deserves a visit. While the coast was completely fogged in, climbing up to the winery, the fog burned off. After tasting the wares, (particularly good were the Zinfandel and the Cabernet) we had a beautiful picnic and lazed around on the grass like lizards soaking up the sun. 

Tomorrow: In Which We Make the Acquaintance of the Physical Therapist.


Derek said...

Love the pictures on the blog, and good luck with the physical therapist!!

Luciano said...

Sorry to bother with technical questions, but your RSS feed stopped working, I don't get any update.

Is it only me?

Thanks and I hope your knee will get better.

Victoria said...

Hi Luciano--

Hmmm... I don't know about the RSS feed. I will check it but I'm not overly technically adept... just to warn you!

Luciano said...

Thank you anyway Victoria,

and don't worry, in the meantime I'll come to the website for updates.