Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I heart my foam roller

So I bought a foam roller 2 years ago. It's sat in my room for a while, collecting dog hair and dust bunnies. Every once in a while (every 3 months?), I would take it out and dutifully kind of use it... and then put it back. 

Lately, my knee has been kind of ...there. Not painful, just a "hey, I'm your knee and don't forget about me as you are wont to do" kind of feeling. I've been reading about knee issues, and apparently I could have the lurking beginnings of runner's knee-- I think I've had it before (why I had to drop from 9 trails last year) but I've been paying attention to how it feels and especially trying to work on downhill technique. I also think I need to strengthen my quads, so I've been doing some exercises for that. 

Today I got back from a short run and thought, "Why not try the foam roller?" The worst thing that could happen is that your muscles feel more relaxed, right? Um... it made my legs feel great. And my knee felt better, too. 

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