Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Favorite Nut!

Two pictures, both alike in dignity, in fair Huckleberry and, um, Paris, where we lay our scenes...

Apologies to the big WS (and get your minds out of the gutter, those who thought this would be about something ELSE entirely)-- but what's the connection between these two pictures, you ask? Allow me to enlighten you with some education I received from Huckleberry Regional Botanic Preserve this morning.

The picture above is of the California Hazelnut-- yes! The hazelnut! I had no idea this is what a California hazelnut looked like. The brochure describes it as "related to our market filberts."

I have, in the recent past, become a fan of the hazelnut (or filbert, but I like the name hazelnut better). The picture on the left was taken in Paris this March, and the round pastry on the bottom of the picture is the most exquisite hazelnut concoction I have ever eaten. (If memory serves, it's called a Paris-Brest.) If you want to be my best friend forever and ever, take me here. If you want to just take some good advice, go there the next time you're in the City of Light. (The hot chocolate is famous there, too, but for les macarons, go here. Divine.)

However, if I can't have parisian perfection, I'll also settle for the tried-and-true Nutella. Preferably eaten out of the jar. With a spoon.


Derek said...

If I ever make it to Paris I will try it out as I am a big fan of Hazelnut. Had some hazelnut flavored coffee this morning!

Anne Carlson said...

Nutella out of the jar? At least spread it on good french bread. That's how I learned to eat it--in Belgium--in 1963.

P.O.M. said...

I haven't had Nutella in a while. LOVE that stuff.

A dating haitus sounds like a really REALLY good idea. I'm just such a whimp sometimes.