Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Last night, I was talking to my brother about the whole knee/swimming debacle, and he stopped me mid-sentence and said, "You know who you sound like?" I said no, to which he replied, "Mom. You know, she's always doing fourteen different things, exercising all the time." In my head I had a momentary internal monologue, where I tried to convince myself that I'm doing lots of different exercise because I signed up for the 50K in September, and the 50M in October, and SB9T in November-- like these were choices forced upon me, in which I had no say in the matter, and not because I'm just a little genetic apple, about 2 inches from the proverbial tree.

Don't get me wrong-- my mom is great, and I'm very happy she passed on her love of cooking and entertaining, commitment to running, willingness to invite people into her home, etc. But sometimes I like to labor under the delusion that I'm branching off into somewhat of my own life and not locked into the train-track of nature or nurture influence. 

Ah well-- at least if I follow in my mom's footsteps, people will be saying "she has great legs" when I'm over 60, as happened last summer to my mom. 

It's her birthday today as well-- Happy Birthday Mom! 

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